Christmas Pajama Options

Here are our options for Christmas pajamas! You should be able to look back on your order to see which style you chose, but if you have problems, just shoot me a message and I can look it up for you!

If your top isn't solid (ie. stripe or dots), a thicker font will look better! the non-solid tops are also great for applique, if you like those options.

Many of the options have multiple colors. When you make your selection, let me know if you want all one color thread or multi-color. If multi-color, I will select the colors that best match your pajamas (unless you want something super specific!)

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help!

Once you have made your selections, please fill out this google form one for EACH of the pajamas you purchased (i.e. if you bought your three kids pajamas, fill this form out 3 times, one for each child!):